Best Trekking Seasons in Nepal

Nepal is generally packed with places that would take your breath away. And no doubt ‘Nepal is a trekkers wonderland‘.It is absolutely feasible to trek / visit Nepal throughout the year with broadly four main temperate seasons offering a uniquely wonderful experience. However, considering the best time to visit,  Spring and Autumn are the Best Trekking Seasons In Nepal.

During this season there is a pleasant climatic condition neither so hot nor so cold and the visibility of the mountain is crystal clear. Likewise, after winter, the sun gets warmer in springtime and trekkers can again enjoy comfortable climatic conditions. Similarly, many different types of flowers blossom leading to the best time to climb up peaks for the expedition as well.

With this, the wide variety of flora and fauna along with spectacular views and the colorful landscape are truly magical indeed!

Nepal In Spring Season

Spring season, starting from March and lasts till May, also known as the Pre-Monsoon is the most pleasant time to travel to Nepal. This season is considered the second-best trekking season. During this time the high passes are basically snow-free along with clear mountain views. The temperature is moderately warm in low lands while mild in higher altitudes. 

Forest covered by blossoming rhododendron giving the landscape a radiant and vibrant texture.

The travelers can witness a wide variety of flowers blooming such as Rhododendron (a national flower), magnolia and other wildflowers in various parts of the country together creating a spectacular environment. The entire trail is absolutely going to be surreal during the spring season.

Temperature During Spring Season

The spring season is ideal for the trekkers who are after warmer temperatures. Early spring is likely to be a bit chilly, with warm temperatures in the lower elevation regions (800-2000m), and suitable for trekking in regions such as lower Annapurna.

Likewise, as winter fades away and spring advances in, the temperatures in regions with elevations over 4,000m are quite pleasant, making way for sunny, clear and warm trekking conditions.

                 Average Daily Temperature                                       Average Nightly Temperature

March:              24°C                                                                                                               8°C

April:                 28° C                                                                                                              12°C

May:                  29°C                                                                                                                15°C


Twinning with the background

The flowers adding more beauty to the background and producing a pleasing fragrance. 

Benefits of Trekking In Spring Season

  • The weather tends to be warm and cool and the temperature ranges from 12-29 degrees Celcius.
  • Pleasant warm climatic conditions during the day and slightly colder morning and nights.
  • Explore the lush green forest and enjoy the blossom of variety if rhododendron flowers along the trail.
  • Excellent views of the mountains due to clear and dry weather conditions. Likewise, the beautiful landscape and villages are magnificent during the spring season.
  • Higher chance to explore the remote corners of Trans-Himalayasmassive annapurna circuit       Stunning view of  Annapurna circuit (8,091m) 
Most Recommended Treks During Spring Season 

During the month of March and April trek to Annapurna and Dhaulagiri out to be the most ideal one as the trail will be filled with the blossoming of rhododendron.

Likewise, trek to Everest Base Camp and Kala Pathar for warm weather and sublime trekking conditions.

Nepal in spring season

Suspension bridge crossing Dudh Koshi River

Nepal In Autumn Season

As a matter of fact, trekking in Nepal can be done throughout the year. However, trekking at certain seasons provide more enjoyment and clarity than others.

The autumn is the most recommended trekking season in Nepal lasting from (Sept- Nov) which is also regarded as the Post Monsoon. It is considered to be the best trekking season in Nepal. It offers outstanding weather along with terrific mountain views.Scenic view in autumn season

A beautiful bright autumn day with crystal clear blue sky. 

The autumn season exhibits vivid colors of happiness throughout the trails. The leaves of the plants turn into shades of yellowish, violet, and tarnish.

Why is  Autumn considered the best Trekking season in Nepal?

Excellent view of Namche in Autumn

Terrific view of Namche Bazar.

Autumn is the peak season for trekking in Nepal. It is considered as the best tourist season in Nepal with the summer gone by and the winter to set in. With the highly pleasant weather so are the mountain views. So people what are waiting for? Aren’t you super excited to enjoy the grand adventure to Nepal? It’s time to book your flight in advance in order to not miss the chance.

Temperature in Autumn Season

The bright glare of the Sun makes the days amusing, with temperatures ranging from 22° C during the day and falling to around 9° C at night at an elevation of( 1,000 to 3,500)meters.

                          Average Daily Temperature                                       Average Nightly Temperature

September                  27°C                                                                                                      17°C

October                       25°C                                                                                                      14°C

November                   22°C                                                                                                        9°C

The autumn season is the most preferred season because of the favorable weather conditions. September marks the end of monsoon in Nepal. In the initial days of September, occurs light showers but by mid-September, the monsoon clouds drain and disappears, clearing up the skies. The mountains appear clear and are the most beautiful to look at clear skies.

Furthermore, during the autumn season the greatest festival of Hindus ie. Dashain and Tihar takes place in Nepal. The trekkers get the chance to be a part and enjoy the festival throughout the entire journey. The visitors will be truly overwhelmed by the warm hospitality offered by the local people. Trust me you gonna feel like a home in spite of being away from home.

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