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A Home Away From Home. Turn every single day into an unforgettable memory!

A French Novelist Marcel Proust once said; ”The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”

Where solitude is the new liberty. Once in a while, you just need a break from everyday life. Away from home. In a peaceful place. To figure everything out and for that, exploring every corner of Nepal is the best option and it is on the bucket list of every active traveler out there!

With the ongoing trend, the Homestay program is gaining popularity worldwide. It is considered to be one of the perfect ways to accommodation during traveling. It facilitates the travelers to experience the local culture, tradition, and lifestyles firsthand.Homestay In Nepal

A walk in nature walks the soul back home

Homestays in Nepal are generally based in small villages where the everyday life of people is simple yet beautiful and straightforward. Likewise, the peaceful community untouched by any fabrication and endorsing farming as their primary occupation.

The program is specially developed with the prime aim of involving locals’ participation in tourism along with enhancing their income. It connects worldwide travelers with the local people where the host family or community treats every individual trekker as part of their family member.

The program turned out to be an excellent way for the homestay guest to get a closer insight view of Nepal and experience the traditional local life.

Why Choose To Stay In a Homestay?

First of all, imagine waking up early in the morning by the rooster crowing, the sound of chirping of birds, and the soothing sound of the waterfall, somewhere totally different from your usual environment. Isn’t it magical?  Well, it is!

Sipping a cup of tea while the cool fresh air hits right on your face and the wind blowing through your hair is the most beautiful feeling you’ll ever experience. Nevertheless, the heartwarming hospitality from the local people and the host family, however, remains on top which will conquer your heart for sure.

Some of the Famous Off the beaten track Homestays

Even though the homestays are quite more off the beaten path, however, they are in most eye captivating places. From Bardia( known for the wildlife) in the far west to Ilam(famous for the tea) in the far east, the homestays facility is now extending throughout Nepal. In addition, here are some of the famous homestays in Nepal.

  • Bandipur Homestayhomestay in Bandipur

Escape the vibrant city Kathmandu and have a glimpse of rural Nepal

Lying in the midway between Kathmandu and Pokhara and at an elevation of (1,030m), the Bandipur Homestay tour takes you to the small seductive hilltop village. It is one of the most beautiful villages in Nepal and is extremely famous for the Homestay tour which is rich in Newari culture. The place holds the most exotic hiking routes untouched by modernization.

The place is exceptionally famous for the picturesque landscape curled up in the foothills of the Himalayas. The jaw-dropping panoramic view of the entire Annapurna ranges, Manaslu, Langtang, and Dhaulagiri is truly mesmerizing.

Further, as one of the new emerging destinations in the form of community-based tourism, Bandipur offers a variety of attractions to the visitors.

Things to do in Bandipur

  • Paragliding
  • Cycling
  • Walking Tours
  • Hiking
  • Local cultural Tour

Major attractions /Places to Visit  in Bandipur

  • Bindhabasini Temple
  • Narayan Temple
  • Mahalaxmi Temple
  • Chandithan
  • Khadga Devi Temple
  • Pharpani Mahadev
  • Padma Library
  • Silk Farm

Bandipur is a live museum of Newari culture and a sophisticated civilization of Kathmandu valley where the streets are lined with traditional sequence houses. The place is famous for the exotic culture, songs, dances, and typical local cuisine, and of course the festivals.

Likewise, with the fresh air, neat and clean street, sideway cafes, along with the perfect pedestrian area, Bandipur is an ultimate European feel. The town is popular amongst Western and European backpackers.

Moreover, you can also enjoy bird watching along with extraordinary wildlife and vegetation as well. Spending time with the local people is truly a vibe!

  • Ilam Community Homestaycommunity homestay in Ilam

A mellow rural homestay surrounded by tea field

Located in Shree Antu Danda in the Ilam district of Eastern Nepal, the Ilam community homestay is one of the untouched destinations for tourists. Staying in homestay surely is an excellent way to experience the most authentic side of Nepal. Similarly, Shree Antu is best known for its excellent place to observe the sunrise.

As Ilam is famous for tea production, seducing natural scenery to the alluring landscapes, I can assure you’ll absolutely fall in love with the place. The small hill town homestay offers a quick walk in the garden, a short hike along the easy slope into nearby woods, and a blissful picnic spot.

Wanna know more about the other popular attractions close to the homestay? 

Well, Sumendu Lake and Shree Antu lake definitely are the most beautiful places you should never miss to visit during your stay in Ilam.Antu_pokhari_ilam

Seducing glimpse of Antu Pokhari Ilam

The spectacular view of Ilam with the plains of the Terai on one side and the green tea field on another is truly admirable! An evening walk around the park nearby and tea gardens are highly recommended.

Moreover, you’ll be pleased to see the friendly nature of the local people. Likewise, you’ll also enjoy varieties of Nepalese cuisine which are a blend of incredible flavors. Within a very short duration, you will create a beautiful bond with the local people.

So people are you ready to turn your every single trip into a memorable one? Enjoy your homestay trip involving within the community staying under the same roof and sharing the same dining table.

  • Ghale Gaun Homestayghale-gaun-homestay

Typical village on the lap of Annapurna region

Ghale Gaun is another most beautiful Gurung village. It is situated in Southern Nepal (6,932m) at the base of the Lamjung district. The homestay tour is specially designed for those who wish to experience the exotic culture of the Gurung community and explore the typical village life.

Have you ever wished of staying somewhere in an unfamiliar place where the language, culture, and tradition of the people are totally different from yours? I am sure you definitely have.

Ghale Gaun Homestay certainly, offers you an extremely close view of the culture, tradition, and everyday lifestyles of the locality at the Annapurna area. The blend of the unique culture, rivers, waterfalls, green forest and the magnificent views of snowcapped mountains together make it the most beautiful homestay tour in Nepal.

Major Attractions of Ghale Gaun

  • Taste of Local foods
  • Gurung museum
  • Panoramic views of the mountains like Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Lamjung Himal and Himchuli
  • Traditional handicraft
  • Cultural dances like Serka, Jhyaure, Dohori, Ghantu dance, Ghyabring, etc.

In short, you will meet a number of interesting people, get the chance to share stories and knowledge, and see through the eyes of the locals.

  • Bardia Community Homestayhomestay in Nepal

Explore the untouched part of West Nepal.

Located in the Far West of Nepal, Bardia Community Homestay is home to the Tharu community. The homestay tour offers an opportunity to explore the rare and unspoiled wildlife and vegetation of Nepal. Staying under the traditional house, made from mud and wood, and interacting with the locals will leave you with a feeling of rural adventure.

Have you ever wished to stay in a treehouse? Well, then it’s the right time to turn your dream into a reality as you can also stay in a treehouse.

Bardia is an excellent place for travelers with a keen interest in exploring traditional culture, nature, and wildlife. Although the accommodation facilities are pretty basic, however, it meets the guests’ needs.

The following are some of the major attractions in Bardia;

  • Bardia National Park
  • Karnali Bridge
  • Animal Breeding center
  • Khairpur Blackbuck Conservation Area
  • Crocodile Breeding Center and Tharu museum

Best Time to Visit Bardia

Based upon most of the travelers’ comfort touring between October and February is the best month as the weather tends to get cool and warmer.

Furthermore, enjoy your homestay tour walking around the village premises with a perfect jungle view and feel the ambiance of nature.

Meanwhile, you do not have to worry about the accommodation facilities in any homestay.

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