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Mani Rimdu Festival
  Occurring this November in the heart of mountains. Hurry up for the majestic Mani Rimdu Festival.

Mani Rimdu Festival with Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most interesting tour packages. Especially for the visitors willing to conceive the most captivating culture of the Himalayas as well as do the Everest Base Camp Trek.

 The blend of the Himalayas and the beauty of the Sherpa culture collide beautifully in this journey. Together it is one of the most popular trekking in the Everest Region.

Mani Rimdu Festival with EBC Trek                 Mask dance performed by the monks of Tengboche Monastery

Mani Rimdu Festival 2019 Dates

The Festival is a three-day affair during October’s full moon. As mentioned, one of the biggest highlights of the trek is the Festival itself. It is carried out in the high elevation of the Tangboche monastery in the Everest regionThe festival occurs in the mid – October and mid-November. However, the Mani Rimdu Festival  2019  dates are fixed from 12th November to 14th November. The date is fixed according to the Tibetan Lunar calendar. Every year, a Buddhist dance drama is performed at Tangboche Monastery.

Why do Buddhist monks make Sand Mandalas?

Mani Rimdu Festival With EBC Trek

                   Painting of Mandala

Mandala is one of the richest visual objects in Tibetan Buddhism. It is a significant picture of the universe. The mandala represents a fictional palace that is seen during meditation.

The Buddhist monks make sand mandalas as it’s main purpose is to help transform typical minds into enlightened ones and to lift with healing

In the beginning, a beautiful sophisticated  Mandala or religious diagram is drawn in fine colored sand. It takes four days to complete the Mandala then it is covered and used as a focus for the next ten days meditation. Throughout the dances, symbolic demons are quelled, eliminated or tarnished.

Mani Rimdu Festival                    Group of monks performing a special dance ‘Cham’

The symbolism is explained on many levels. The inner “demons” of hatred, greed, and ignorance overcome through meditation on compassion and wisdom. At the end of the ceremonies, the monks perform the sacred mask dances known as “Cham”.Mani Rimdu Festival with EBC Trek

                   Lamas performing fire puja

There are sixteen dances with some comic pause that relish the crowds. These dances are a recreation of the establishment of Buddhism in the Himalayas by the legendary Padma Sambhava, known as Guru Rimpoche.

The dances convey Buddhist teachings on many levels from the simplest truth to the most profound realization. In short, it is a very colorful and ideal festival to merge with a trekking expedition in the Everest region.

The three-day celebrations of Mani Rimdu follow the ten-day non-stop prayer sessions. Addressed to the patron deities – seeking “blessing for the good of all mankind”. The advocates of all is Guru Rinpoche.

The creator of Vajrayana Buddhism in Tibet and the  Masked Lamas of Khumbu region perform various religious rituals amidst dancing and singing.

Mani Rimdu Festival With EBC Trek

Magnificent sunset view from Kala Pathar

Moreover, the fuse of the Mani Rimdu festival and Everest Base Camp Trek is a particular trek. The trekkers can enjoy and absorb more from the festival and on the other hand visit Base Camp of Mount Everest.

Well, it is a dream trip of a lifetime for most people in the world. And I assure that the trek rewards you with an ideal cultural presentation of the local people and great Himalayan pleasant views.

Is it a Better Choice To Do The Everest Base Camp Trek after Mani Rimdu Festival?
Mani Rimdu Festival with EBC Trek

 In frame: Mt. Lhotse (8,526m)in front, Mt. Lola (2,788m)in the middle and Mt.Everest (8,848m) at the back

Well, it absolutely is one of the best choices to do the Everest Base Camp Trek after witnessing the festival. Moreover, the month of November is perfect for the trek. November is generally the  Autumn season, and so it offers suitable weather conditions and ideal temperatures for trekking. Likewise, you can also enjoy wide views of the mountains. The view of the Everest massif, especially from Kalapatthar is entirely gorgeous!

What do the Visitors get to Observe Beside the  Festival?

This combined trek offers the trekkers an opportunity to experience the lushness of landscape. That is to say the beauty of the Himalayas, diversity of flora and fauna.

Besides the festival, the visitors can do a  14 days Everest Base Camp trek as well. And on the other hand, the traditional Sherpa community offers very warm hospitality. After seeing the magnificent feast, we further head towards The Base Camp. So, grab the chance to capture the most spectacular culture and tradition of the Himalayas.Along with the breathtaking scenic beauty and the striking panorama of the Everest Region!!

Mani Rimdu Festival with Everest Base Camp Trek  The Sense of Glory after reaching Kalapathar Summit Above  Everest Base Camp!

With Everest Sherpa Adventure Team, you are guaranteed with a warm hostage and time of your life with no trouble or difficulty! From the best available lodging and good transportation services to good food and guide services, your journey is going to be remarkable. So, all you have to do is enjoy your time in the mountains while we take care of everything else.

Therefore, come join us in this grand adventure that you must not miss! Because it is a fascinating journey that is filled with wonderful rewards and aspects. Similarly, you can also try our 14-days Everest Base Camp Trek as well. Most importantly, we guarantee 3S  for the clients; Safety, Security and Satisfaction. So, what about booking your trip with us now?

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