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‘In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.’–Alice Walker

At around 41.5 km of driving distance from Kathmandu, Markhu Kulekhani is one of the most beautiful towns untouched by a mass of people, totally away from the hustle and bustle. It is located in the Makwanpur  District. The place is surrounded by the Kulekhani Dam/Lake, lush green forest, waterfalls, and a beautiful sheep farm at the top of the small town. Apart from that, this place is perfect for hikers, nature enthusiasts, and those who wish to relish the tranquility of nature.

Kulekhani dam
Beautiful view of Kulekhani Dam, the landmark of Markhu

Have you been to Markhu? If yes, I bet you wish to visit here again; especially with your family or friends or even solo. This place has everything to offer. If you are a nature person and wish to do some hiking, you can do a 45-minute hike to Mohini Jharana to see the BEAUTIFUL waterfall. It’s magical. This is where three hours felt like 20 minutes to me.

Likewise, if you prefer to do an activity like boating then you can do that as well. You can hike to the Oldest Sheep Farm(Bhedafarm) for a stunning and picturesque view. You can also stroll around the town, interact with the local people, try the delicious local foods, and many more. 

And if you haven’t been there yet then worry not. I will provide detailed information from transportation to the accommodation and the things to do. And for that, you must keep reading Markhu Kulekhani’s Blog/Hike to Mohini Jharana/Bhedafarm until the end. 


It was just after the end of the semester examinations that we made our trip to Markhu with two other friends. We wanted to get away from the city, spend some time in nature, and do some hiking. And guess what it turned out to be one of the best plans!

The three of us got on the bus from Balkhu Kathmandu at around 7:45 am and headed towards Markhu. And I highly recommend choosing a window seat(left side) for a pleasant and beautiful view along the way. 

PS. The public bus normally leaves between 7:30 am and 7:45 am from Balkhu. You can also hire a Jeep.

On the way to Markhu

On the way to Markhu before Pharping

While on the way to Markhu before reaching Pharping, I got to see this small and beautiful monastery nestled in between the forest. The environment here looked calm and peaceful. As I was admiring the view, the second picture caught my attention. 

As the bus headed forward passing through Pharping, we witnessed how the town began to stir with activity. Along the narrow streets, I caught glimpses of locals starting their day – children in school uniforms, and shopkeepers arranging their wares. 

From the bus window, you witness the timeless rituals of daily life unfolding – people offering prayers at the local temple, farmers tending to their fields, and the vibrant market coming to life.

Markhu Kulekhani

Markhu Kulekhani

Glimpses of Markhu Kulekhani

After almost three and a half hours of driving from Balkhu, we finally reached Markhu Kulekhani at around 11:20 am. We had made our reservation at Hotel Indrasarovar a day before leaving for Markhu. So we checked into the hotel (I loved the view of the Kulekhani dam/lake from the room). We rested for about an hour and freshened up.

Then we made our plans for the day, first had some snacks and then went for a little sightseeing/tour. We were recommended to go up to the Bhedafarm, about a 30-minute hike from the hotel where we stayed.Markhu Kulekhani 

On our way to a small waterfall, we encountered this beautiful spot where we stayed for about an hour and chatted. The air felt so fresh and welcoming. The view looked so amazing.

Lying on our back in a green grassy meadow, with our eyes closed and bright sunlight overhead, the light breeze, warm and comforting carrying the sweet smell of wildflowers. At this moment it felt like the entire world looked so peaceful. 

We then went to see the waterfall. It was not that huge but we loved it anyway.

Markhu Kulekhani

Makhu KulekhaniSweet love story between me and nature!!

Nature never fails to amaze me whether it is a tiny wildflower or the mosses, the insects, or the sounds of the chirping of the birds in between a dense forest.

The wonders of setting suns and evening stars, the blossoming of the trees, the strange transformation of the moth. Nature has always taught me to be grateful for every little thing, big things, and everything in between and cherish them all. 

We had a quality time here being in touch with nature. We further hiked up to the Bhedafarm.  It was about 30 minutes straight up from the hotel we stayed. And as we moved forward, the view got better and better.

Karkhu Kulekhani
    In frame: Markhu Kulekhani (Down there, the town looks Beautiful!!)

From this elevated position, you can gaze down upon the charming town nestled in the rolling hills, surrounded by lush greenery. The remarkable suspension bridge gracefully spans the gap between Markhu and its counterpart across the Kulekhani dam. 

The seamless blend of the town, Kulekhani Dam, and the bridge offers a panoramic view for travelers.

Markhu Kulekhani blog
The trees look a lot more like a teenage green full of life

We passed through these dense pine trees and it’s like stepping into a magical realm where nature’s beauty unfolds with every step. 

We finally reached one of the awaited destinations of Markhu. And here you go the first glimpse of Bhedafarm. It is one of the oldest Sheep farming projects in Nepal.

Currently, more than the farm, the place is popular for its beautiful landscape of the sheep grazing land. It has become popular among domestic travelers. 

Markhu Kulekhani

This place was more than what I expected and it is quite huge and has open space. You can see the sheep grazing peacefully. The fresh air from the surrounding environment and you are just there awestruck. I chose to be at that moment and cherish every zeptosecond of it.

The light breeze air, the pleasant smell from the trees, and the grass; all felt so fresh and beautiful.  I realized how happier my heart felt just being there. 

We just sat there looking and wondering about everything around us; the sky above and the clouds floating gracefully. It was such an overwhelming experience. 

Statue of Lord Buddha facing towards East in a Bhumisparsha mudra

On our way back to the hotel, we took the main road and encountered this stunning statue of Lord Buddha facing towards the East in a Bhumisparsha Mudra. The word ‘Bhumi’ means Earth and ‘Sparsha’ means Touch and is translated as ‘Touching the Earth’ commonly known as the Earth witness mudra.

In this mudra, the right hand is placed upon the right knee, extended to touch the ground/earth while the left hand rests palm up on the lap in the dhyana mudra of meditation.

This mudra symbolizes the union of method and wisdom, samsara and nirvana, and also the realization of the ultimate truth. The mudra recalls how the historical Shakyamuni overcame the obstructions of Mara while meditating on truth.

The next day we planned to hike to Mohini Jharana.

Markhu Kulekhani

Markhu Kulekhani

It’s been a few years that the sun has not caught me in bed. And I overheard somewhere that it is in the early morning the unseen is seen and I couldn’t agree more with that. The early morning was colder and it was pretty foggy outside. Still, the scenery looked amazing. 

I could hear the roosters crowing, the birds chirping, and the faint sound of a waterfall somewhere from afar. It’s a privilege to be alive, to breathe, to be in contact with nature, and to be able to be in that moment. And I vow to cherish each moment. 

We had a very refreshing morning tea and breakfast at one of the local tea shops. Then we were ready for the hike to Mohini Jharana which was about 45 minutes of walking distance from Indrasarovar; the place we stayed.

Markhu Kulekhani

Markhu Kulekhani

We got three tickets for the boat to get to the next side of the Dam or across the dam. There’s a suspension bridge as well instead of riding on a wooden boat. However, we wanted to go via boat and it felt like a mini version of Pokhara.

Markhu Kulekhani
That’s how the lake and the tiny Island look; calm, still, and composed

This is where we got off the boat and started our further hike. The trail is much wider and well managed passing through the Kulekhani Dam and a dense forest.

As I stood at the dam’s edge, the vast reservoir stretched before me, and the island; a miniature oasis in the middle of the lake/dam appeared calm, still, and composed untouched by the ripples of the water. The tiny island, a symbol of resilience, added a touch of calmness to the tranquil landscape of Kulekhani Dam. 

It felt like a moment frozen in time where the world paused to appreciate the delicate balance between engineering skill and the undisturbed beauty of the natural world. 

Markhu KulekhaniMarkhu Kulekhani

Staying closer to nature

As I ventured along the trail, the lush canopy of the trees created a natural tunnel, and walking beneath the towering trees made me feel a profound connection with nature.

The air filled with the earthy scent and sunlight filtered through the leaves left me captivated.

Markhu Kulekhani Blog/ Hike to Mohini Jharana/Bhedafarm
The stunning view of Kulekhani Dam/Lake

After climbing a few staircases as I looked back, I was thrilled to see such a breathtaking panoramic view- the expansive Kulekhani Dam shining in the distance. It felt like nature’s masterpiece where the serenity of the forest seamlessly met the vastness of the reservoir.

It’s a man-made dam that stores (around 69,200acre ft.)of water. And the entire view from the top of the dam looks surreal!!

I couldn’t help but pause, taking in the beauty of the Markhu trail as it gracefully fused through the trees offering a harmonious blend of natural wonders. 

Soon we started hearing the soothing melody of the waterfall and it grew louder, drawing us closer to the picturesque scene. 

Markhu Kulekhani

Markhu Kilekhani

Nestled within the serene beauty of Markhu, Mohini Jharana is a hidden Gem that magnetizes the heart with its gentle charm. Seeing the waterfall, I felt as if it was nature’s dance, flowing down gracefully amidst the lush greenery.

The sight was mesmerizing and I couldn’t resist dipping my toes into the cool, crystal-clear water. It’s a perfect spot to pause, feel the cool mist on your face, marvel at the simple yet mesmerizing beauty, and connect with the soothing sound of nature. 

The refreshing mist from the waterfall created a peaceful atmosphere making it a must-visit for those seeking a serene escape. This place is like stepping into a storybook where the magic of nature unfolds in every droplet that falls, leaving a lasting impression of peace and wonder. 

I tried balancing the stones and realized one thing that I would like to share; As stones find their balance, so do we.

After spending quality time in nature it was time to return. We didn’t want to leave but had to catch the bus for Balkhu Kathmandu at 2:45 pm. The rain began to ponder and luckily we had packed our raincoats. We were a little hungry and at the same time shivering so we decided to have soup noodles. And the noodles never tasted as good in my entire life as they did then. We had a very Delicious snack and then we returned. Because of the rain, the trails got a bit slippery and we carefully made it back to the hotel. Soon, the bus arrived and we left for our way back home. 

So people if you want to have a memorable experience in nature within a short duration then Markhu is the best place. 

You can also look for other tour options on our website.

Tip: Try to plan during midweek if you don’t prefer to encounter other mass numbers of travelers.

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